As organizations face accelerated economic dynamics, it is
increasingly important to improve the capability of reacting agile
to changes in the marketplace. This requires implementing and
adapting internal structures in a timely manner and ensuring
business-IT coordination throughout the process. Enterprise
architecture management (EAM) is frequently proposed as a mean
to arrive at organizational forms that allow for timely
reconfiguration and to guide strategy-aligned change. This
explorative study seeks to contribute to an overall understanding
of EAM’s application in strategic change processes. It is based on
an in-depth content analysis of existing research in the field.
Specifically, it identifies common EAM practices that have been
suggested for application throughout the planning and
implementation of strategic change. Furthermore, it reveals
antecedents and outcomes of this application. The article
discusses these findings in detail and summarizes the results in a
preliminary process model of applying EAM for agile strategic