Product Service Systems (PSS) – a combination of software,
hardware and service elements – are an emerging trend on the
market. Their development encounters different difficulties,
amongst them the existence of dynamic cyclic
interdependencies. These cycles make the challenging
requirements engineering (RE) for PSS even more complicated.
Up to now there is no integrated RE approach for PSS. An
important step in developing such an approach is to understand
the effects of cycles on RE. In this paper the cycles and their
causes are analyzed by an industrial case study, a literature
review, and by expert interviews. The contribution of this paper
is twofold. First, a detailed explanation of cycles’ causes
emerging in the development and RE of PSS is given and the
effects of the resulting cycles on RE are elaborated. Second, a
list of requirements to RE for PSS is derived, which describes
how the cycles can be managed adequately.