Today information items on user’s workstations are usually
stored in separate collections depending on their format.
This results in a disconnect between information systems
and user needs leading to high lookup times during task related
information retrieval. This paper presents an approach
to reduce document based information fragmentation by semantically
reconnecting electronic documents to each other
without imposing additional training or tagging workload
on the user. To this end the actions knowledge workers perform
on their desktop are transparently monitored to analyze
the user’s interaction with his computer system. These
action metadata are further clustered by superordinate activities
performed by the user. Finally documents attached
to window instances within the identified activity clusters
are semantically to each other related reducing the fragmentation
of their contained information. This allows a subsequent
associative information discovery navigating from one
document instance to other related document instances. A
prototypical implementation and evaluation in a small scale
testing setup indicates the validity of the approach.