The purpose of this paper is to propose a technology evolution analysis framework based on the Mallet-LDA models combined Social Network Analysis(SNA) method and to study the development trends of critical technologies in logistics identification marking technology. This paper establishes a complete and systematic framework for analyzing the technological evolution based on the logistics identification marking technology selected from the national Key industry patent information service platform in China as the data source database for the period 1993 to 2018 and uses topic evolution and SNA methods for evolution analysis to predict the development trend of the critical technologies in the future time. Results show that Mallet-LDA model combined SNA method is feasible for technology evolution analysis. In addition, the main development trend in logistics identification marking technology is concentrated in the direction of data collection and processing, drone logistics, cold chain logistics, intelligent terminals. And the technical topics have changed from the early days with the primary label, barcode technology, and other individual areas to the development state of multi-technology integration. The findings of this study are expected to enrich technology evolution research based on patent analysis and provide insights into the potential of using patent data for technology evolution development prediction in the context of smart logistics in China.