Live streaming has opened up a new way to sell products, with streamers playing a leading role. While live e-commerce streaming is becoming more and more common, the question of how to attract viewers and increase conversion rates has become a problem for streamers. Early researchers observed that individual consumer emotions play an important role in increasing impulsivity, which leads to impulse purchases. Streamers have attracted increasing scholarly attention as an important factor influencing consumers' purchase decisions in live streaming, and there is a lack of research on streamers' influence on impulsive purchase behavior . The aim of this study is to explore the factors that influence consumer impulse buying in live streaming and to explore how the characteristics of live streamers influence impulse buying behavior (IBB) through consumers' perceived value (utilitarian and hedonic value). The results show that the streamer's humor and expertise influence consumer perceived value, and that perceived value plays a mediating role in the effect of streamer's humor and expertise on impulse purchase.