This work contributes to the discussion on the relationship between ICT factors, ICT impact and national health outcomes. The method used is a cross-national study of 148 countries using secondary data from World Economic Forum, World Bank, the United Nations and other international organizations. This study applies a panel data set from 2012 to 2016 and structures a mediating effect model to explore dynamic relationships between all the constructs, among which ICT factors are independent variables, ICT impacts are mediating variables and health indicators selected from Goal 4 and Goal 5 of UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are dependent variables. The results show that there are significant negative associations between all ICT factors and health indicators, while only some of the partial mediating effects are proved. Economic impact has a significant mediating effect on the association between ICT infrastructure and both of the two health indicators. Social impact only mediates the influence of ICT infrastructure on under-five mortality rate, and ICT skills on maternal mortality ratio as well.