This paper used social network analysis method to analyze the high frequency author-co-author network in domestic supply chain finance field. In this study, relevant literatures on supply chain finance collected by CNKI from 2005 to 2019 were selected and key information was extracted. This paper used SATI, the literature citations information statistical analysis tool, to build correlation matrix. Social network analysis software UCINET was used to draw the map of co-authored network. The authors' subnet patterns, network density, centrality, cohesive subgroups and structural holes were analyzed, and the scientific collaboration network characteristics in this field were elaborated to promote academic exchange and development in the field of supply chain finance. The analysis results showed that the authors of supply chain finance in China is not connected enough, the overall network connectivity is weak, and there are few core nodes that play a key role. Therefore, scholars in this field should strengthen cooperation appropriately in the future.