Due to the immediate surge of digital economy brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce livestreaming industry in China has been quickly emerging as an important platform for online shopping. However, the factors that affect the trust of consumers in online shopping are different from those in offline economy. E-commerce livestreaming hosts are the key figures for the sales of products in the livestreaming room. Therefore, this paper will adopt Stimulus-Organism -Response (SOR) model to study the influence of e-commerce livestreaming hosts’ professionalism, interactivity and popularity on the perceived trust of consumers, further affecting the purchase intention of consumers. It is worth noting that the change of day and night also plays a moderating role in the purchase intention of consumers. In this paper, empirical research method will be adopted and questionnaires will be distributed through Internet. The data will be analyzed in Structural Equation Model(SEM) through SPSS software and LISREL software. Suggestions are expected to be brought up to promote the development of e-commerce livestreaming.