[Purpose/Meaning]Short-video platform is currently a new mainstream social media entertainment platform. The way of placing product advertisements in short videos is increasingly accepted by more people. Exploring the influencing factors of viewers’ intention to adopt short video product placement ads is of great significance for further mining the commercial value of short-video advertising and promoting the maturity of the e-commerce module in short-video platforms. [Method/Process] Based on ELM and social learning theory and combined with the characteristics of short-video product placement ads, this study constructs a model about the impact of product placement ads on viewers’ ads adopt intention. The empirical research obtained 304 samples through way of questionnaire, and verified the model with SmartPLS 3. [Results/Conclusions] First, product-celebrity matching degree and plot-realistic matching degree positively affect the usefulness of perceived advertising information, and perceived usefulness positively affects viewers’ advertising adoption intentions. Second, viewers may ignore discount their own beliefs and imitate others through observational learning, and both discount own beliefs and imitating others positively affect the intention of advertising adoption. Based on the research conclusions, this research provides corresponding marketing suggestions for short video makers and short-video platforms.