Retirees reemployment has been an effective way to fight the severe aging population and shortage of talented workers in many countries. However, the current situation of willingness and behaviors of reemployment for elderly talents, and the enterprises’ hiring requirements for the elderly are still unclear. In order to address this question, a total of 1045 pieces of occupational position and 70636 pieces of elderly talents’ information were collected from Retiree Talent Website by self-designed crawler. Based on prior studies and Holland’s person-environment fit theory, content analysis, data mining, and statistical methods were used to explore the collected data.The results of descriptive analysis indicate that the reemployment demand of the elderly cannot be satisfied in most areas, especially in coastal areas; the number of jobs in labor-intensive industries and knowledge intensive industries is the largest, which is consistent with the industry that most elderly talents expect to engage in; enterprises tend to provide realistic positions and enterprising positions in recruitment, which is also consistent with the expectations of elderly talents. The results of exploratory analysis show that requirements of hard skills and soft skills in enterprises’ recruitment are tightly associated with work experience; different types of industries and jobs have different qualification requirements for the elderly. Based on the results of data analysis, this study provides insights into the current supply and demand situation of elderly reemployment market in the digital society, and proposes corresponding policy recommendations for relevant departments.