The digital innovative evolution of platform enterprises has shown obvious advantanges in promoting the development of value creation, and encouraging business transformation in current digital economy era. However, we still know little about the value innovation mechanism in platform enterprises. Thus, based on grounded theory, this paper explores the characteristics of collaborative enabling and extracts three attributes -openness, symbiosis and collaboration- in driving the internal development of platform enterprises, by coding the relevant information of Shi Wai Tao Yuan (SWTY). Through the case analysis on SWTY, this paper proposes three enabling functions in the field of culture, technology and data, and builds the multi-level path of value innovation including value co-creation, resource sharing and idea symbiosis. Finally, this paper constructs a theoretical framework on collaborative enabling and value innovation in platform enterprises based on nine core categories. Overall, this paper contributes to research on the formation process and action mechanism of collaborative enabling and value innovation in platform enterprises, also shed light on the exploration on platform enterprises, and business ecosystems evolution. In doing so, this paper also provides novel insights into the sustainable development of platform enterprises in practice.