With the development of internet and popularity of mobile terminals, negative publicity of brand has become more and more widespread. This paper aims to study the impact of corporate social responsibility(CSR) on the trust repair of brand with negative publicity. From Chinese cultural aspect of the differential mode of association, CSR is divided into public morality behavior and private one. The concept of mental account is introduced as a mediating variable and CSR history as a moderate one. By a 2 (CSR type: public VS. private morality behavior) ×2(CSR history: long VS. short) between group experiment, it is found that public morality is more likely to be classified into charity account by consumers, thereby promoting integrity-based trust repair; private morality is more likely to be classified into remedy account, thereby promoting ability-based trust repair. Public morality behavior with long history is more tend to be attributed to charity account by consumers; and CSR including public and private one with short history are more tend to be attributed to remedy account by consumers.