The purpose of this paper is to explore the cross-border e-commerce value co-creation mechanism. We believe that the most significant factor affecting consumers’ cross-border online shopping is online service quality. And the country of origin effect also plays an important role in the cross-border purchase intention. Therefore, this study built a proposed model of cross-border online purchase intention based on co-create theory and two-side market theory. For the case of online cross-border shopping, perceived value is very important which can directly determine the purchase intention of customers. Based on the related theory, three significant latent variables that can indirectly determine the purchase intention of customers as follows: consumer resource, platform service quality (or ESQ), and country of origin. According to our positive study, platform service quality is the most important factor, COO is the second one, and consumer expertise is the last one. All of the antecedent variables are significant according to statistical results. Then we made the conclusions and implications.