With the continuous development of the current economic globalization, coupled with the continuous maturity of Internet technology, e-commerce, as a new industry, has been developing rapidly. Cross-border e-commerce has become the mainstream of development in the current economic era. In the process of cross-border e-commerce development, logistics plays an important role. The success or failure of small and medium-sized enterprises also depends on the efficiency and quality of logistics to a great extent. If some cross-border e-commerce enterprises want to get a place in the current fierce market competition, they must choose appropriate logistics channels to effectively promote their own development. This study explores the typical application mode of Blockchain technology in the field of cross-border logistics, and proposes specific implementation path to improve the performance of cross-border logistics management. This study combines the selection of cross-border logistics drive of small and medium-sized enterprises, analyzes the structural framework, core technology and main advantages of Blockchain, and then analyzes the combination of Blockchain technology advantages and cross-border logistics management needs. On this basis, the application mode of Blockchain technology in cross-border supply chain logistics is proposed; the application mode of Blockchain technology in cross-border trade logistics is proposed with information, documents and containers as typical objects; the application mode of Blockchain technology in cross-border customs clearance is proposed with customs declaration as typical carrier. Finally, the paper puts forward the specific implementation path, main success factors and implementation steps of the application of Blockchain technology in cross-border logistics.