With the growing proliferation of personalized advertising during the process of browsing information in social commerce platform, consumers’ advertising avoidance has made a potential challenge to the advertising push of platform managers. However, the research currently lacks an understanding of how advertising avoidance can be related to consumer perception and information dissemination. Based on rational choice theory (RCT), this study investigates the mediating role of perceived advertising relevance and perceived vulnerability for advertising avoidance, especially adding the variables of information transparency and information dissemination scene to explore the interacting effect between information dissemination and advertising matching. An online experiment was conducted to empirically test the conceptual model and the result indicated the positive effect of perceived vulnerability and the negative effect of perceived advertising relevance on advertising avoidance. Besides, higher information transparency will lead to more consumer's perceived relevance to advertising, and when the same advertisement is displayed on social web pages, the perceived vulnerability will turn higher. This study provides theoretical implications and practical guidance for online advertising research and practices, especially on leveraging and managing information dissemination of personalized advertising on social commerce platform.