With the rapid development of mobile e-commerce, the advent of news feed ads has been increasing. In view of users' stereotypes about advertisements, how to improve user acceptance of news feed ads is a matter of great concern to mobile commerce operators. In the existing theoretical research, more discussions are start from the perspective of technology and channels. Based on the theory of perceived value, this study deeply analyzes the characteristics of news feed ads, and takes functional value perception, convenience value perception, prompt response value perception, trust value perception and social value perception as independent variables. Due to the variables, a user acceptance model was constructed, questionnaires were distributed and the assumptions were verified by regression analysis. The results show that perceived value theory can effectively explain the users' willingness to accept ads on the mobile advertising side, of which, convenience value perception, functional value perception and social value perception have a greater impact on the willingness to accept, prompt response value perception followed, and the least impact is trust value perception.