The explosive penetration of mobile devices is one of the most prominent trends in e-business. Although the importance of mobile channel has prompted growing literature, little is known about the revenue implications of customer visit toward mobile channel. This study examines (1) the differential effect of mobile visits in affecting firm revenue (i.e. mobile vs. desktop visits), and (2) which type of mobile visits are more effective (i.e., direct vs. search engine and referral traffic; visits for high vs. low involvement products). We collect an unique objective daily data from a leading online travel agency in China. With a vector autoregressive (VAR) method, we find that, compared with desktop channel, mobile channel visits have shorter carryover effect, but larger short-term effect on firm revenues. Further, mobile channel has larger short-term effect on firm revenues for search engine traffic and lower involvement products. Our findings provide important theoretical contributions and notable implications for mobile commerce strategy.