Since the introduction of the e-commerce poverty alleviation, e-commerce poverty alleviation has been carried out in the counties. Luotian County is a demonstration county in e-commerce poverty alleviation, which is at the forefront of poverty reduction counties in Hubei Province. Playing the leading role of the county level government, Luotian County established the e-commerce industrial park and the village-level service station, developed the e-commerce industry and opened up the rural logistics. Giving full play to the main role of the market, the county also focused on developing agricultural industrialization enterprises, expanded sales channels with e-commerce, drove the development of featured industries, promoted the growth of the industrial chain, and shared the benefits of the poor households. Besides, it also promoted e-commerce tourism and helped poverty-stricken families get rid of poverty. The paper mainly analyzes the main practice and achievements of e-commerce in Luotian County and summarizes the experience of Luotian e-commerce in poverty alleviation, with a view to providing reference for other counties and regions.