The emergence of the WeChat has brought some new changes to people's ways of life and reading. Thanks to the WeChat Public Platform, many people from all walks of life have become We Media o perators, creating their own brands and products. In a case study of WeChat Public Platform, this paper uses NLPIR, a tool for Chinese word segmentation, and SPSS, a data analysis software, to conduct an analysis of actual data captured by Web Spider about WeChat posts and the platform itself, exploring the effects of post content and platform attributes on users' reading and dissemination behaviors. Our regression analysis found that some content attributes, including parts of speech like adverb, punctuation marks such as question mark, and headline length and position, as well as platform attributes, such as the platform seniority, have significant impacts on page views; the genres of advertisement, joke and warning, among other content attributes, and follower count as a platform attribute, have a very significant effect on the dissemination index. This paper is helpful for operators to gain a better understanding of factors influencing the spread of information published by WeChat Official Accounts and providing valuable revelations on achieving fast and efficient dissemination of posts.