In recent years, agricultural e-commerce sales model is in full swing. As the nation’s largest B2C e-commerce company of agricultural products, ShanXi GongTianXia E-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GongTianXia ") launched the "7-day auction" and "15-minute auction" since the end of 2014 on their official Wechat platform. Through these two new sales patterns, GongTianXia wants to attract more customers’ attention to agricultural products, and thus lead to greater trade volume and profits.Many studies have shown that "calendar effect" has a wide range of use in financial markets. Likewise, as temporal-series data, did GongTianXia’s two kinds of price reduction auctions have similarities with the laws of financial markets? There’s no research to prove it so far. Taking GongTianXia’s over 200,000 transactions data occurred during 432 instances of “7-day auction” and 943 instances of “15-minute auction” within 2015, this paper discusses the impacts of different periods of “significant time points” under both “7-day auction” and “15-minute auction” on different types of commodities, then explain why those results may happen. With the fin dings, we can improve calender effect theory and make a theoretical complement for Dutch auction as Mobile commerce, and give more optimization advices on mobile commerce companies.