A joint monitoring system of pipeline-flood on the basis of FBG and ZigBee is designed in this article by applying fiber Bragg grating sensing into hydrologic observation and mechanical vibration measurement field, which can realize multipoint and online monitoring of rainfall, river level, flow velocity and vibration frequency of pipeline. The influence of temperature on measurement results can be eliminated by using the dual-fiber pattern. In order to achieve the real-time and effective performances of data collection, the monitoring system is built on the basis of ZigBee wireless network system, which consists of the sensor nodes equipped with the FBG ombrometer, FBG fluviograph, FBG flowmeter and FBG vibrometer in the monitoring area, and they are connected to a network coordinator in a star topology structure. The communication between the ZigBee system and remote monitoring terminal has been realized by GPRS modules. This monitoring system has been put into practical application on a gas pipeline laid in a river valley. The experiment results have proved that the system has the characteristics of flexible and fast networking, real-time capability, low power consumption, high reliability and unattended operation, which can meet the requirements of safety monitoring of oil and gas pipelines subjected to flood impacting.