High-quality review within an online review community greatly determines the survival and success of the online community. As such, it is crucial for community operators to understand which kinds of users are more likely to share publish high-quality review, a topic not yet adequately investigated in e-commerce research. We used a unique dataset from a large traveling community, and examined which users’ characteristics are associat ed with the high-quality review publishing behavior. Results show that reviewers' status, knowledge and rating comprehensiveness is positively associated with review quality. Moreover, we reveal that there exists an inverted U-curve relation between review length and review quality. The similar relation also exists between picture number and review quality. Further, we show that reviewers who have more experience, knowledge, intimate interpersonal relationship- are more likely to be motivated by a high-quality review engagement policy. The results can improve our understanding on the sharing behavior in online communities, and offer managerial implication to the community operators.