It is the new period of rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, which could make distance shorten between product and market in time and space. It will be the main mean of promoting trade a facilitation, upgrade trade development and promote the effective implementation of national policy. There is a new development of cross-border e-commerce and it also spawned a new ecological model. It will help cross-border ecommerce develop better through building a new ecosystem based on cross-border e-commerce business model. In this paper, we analyze the opportunities and challenges facing cross-border e-commerce first. Then, based on the above analysis and the development of cross-border e-commerce, the business model and ecosystem of cross-border e-commerce is built in this paper. So, there are some bottleneck and development of cross-border e-commerce. We must first carry out a rational market position, the goal is to occupy the terminal markets, then to the global market and integration of the value chain. We also should build the value chain, carding and supplement. Furthermore, synthesized service platform of cross-border e-commerce should be built to train young backbone of the business, and they should master the skills of cross-border e-commerce to service all of the people very well.