Under the background of E-business development, logistics industry has played more and more important role in economy development and social development. The paper focuses on the influencing factors of corporate competence in logistics industry in China. From perspective of industry economy, we take firm size into account, while from perspective of corporate resource theory, we take human resources into account. Based on the theory of corporate governance, we take corporate ownership into account and then we consider firm location based on the institutional theory. Then we have selectedall 88 listed companies in Chinese logistics industry to makestatisticalanalysiswith three years data from 2011 to 2013. By studying the relationship between firm size, human resources, corporate property, firm locationand enterprise competitiveness, the final study shows that firm size has no significant effect on the competitiveness of enterprises,and corporate human resources has a positive impact on the competitiveness of logistics enterprises, and the ownership has a certain influence on the competitive competence of logistics enterprises,and corporate performance is not affected by firm location. The findings can provide some references for management and development of Chinese logistics business.