Currently, online and offline channel integration as a successful business model is used in many industries, this paper aims at providing an insight into the factors affecting online channel (online shop) and offline channels (entity shop) in the agricultural product industry. Drawn from the extant literature, a consumer online and offline behavior model including trust, system quality, information quality , environment quality and service quality, online and offline satisfaction ,customer loyalty were provides. Data were obtained from 228 customers in china during 2014. Based on the data obtained, SPSS19.0 software is used to analyze reliability test and validity, descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, and AMOS17.0 were employed to calculate the path coefficient, and tests the proposed model. Data analysis shows that: The model describes the relationship among the online satisfaction, offline satisfaction and customer loyalty, and establishes a multi-relationship model that includes trust, system quality, information quality, environment quality and service quality. The factors impacting online satisfaction include trust, system quality and information quality; the factors impacting offline satisfaction include environment satisfaction and service quality. Meanwhile, we highlight the role of trust in online satisfaction, and prove that both online satisfaction and offline satisfaction have interaction on customer loyalty. Keywords: