With widely usingof computer and mobile devices available, people share information more frequently on the online social network (OSN) than before, so information spread faster and wider, especially misinformation andrumors. Rumors on the OSN often make E-commerce companiessuffermuch financial losses.Once there is a rumor, the companies always try to control the rumor propagating so that they suffer the least loss by using a certain budget. In this paper,an effective method on information blocking maximization with cost budget (CIBM) is proposed to solve rumor containment problem with cost budget in e-commerce environment. First, CIBM is proved as NP-hardproblem withthe characteristic of sub-modular and monotone.Then a community dividing algorithm based community structure is presented to optimize containment of the rumors. To verify our proposed method, a lot of experiments are conducted on real dataset and random generated datasets. And the experiment results show that our algorithm has advantage over traditional methods.