Nowadays, online comments and other textual data become more and more significant for business intelligence service. However, there is blank in the area of IS based on domestic platform at present. We designed and implemented OSBIA: an open source business intelligence analytics system based on domestic platform. OSBIA system concentrates on analyzing open source textual intelligence for the business purpose and adopts self-designed distributed crawler system so that a closed circle is formed from intelligence collection to analysis process and push service. For the efficiency of OSBIA, the improved parallel OPTICS algorithm (IPOPTICS) is described in this paper, which effectively solves the problem that OPTICS is limited by its parameter- radius of neighborhood. And we also illustrate one typical application for market research: “consumer’s comments discovery” based on Stanford parser and IPOPTICS algorithm and the like. The results of experiences show that the OSBIA system is much faster than the original OPTICS and suitable for large scale textual intelligence analysis.