The paper proposes the solution to teaching resource application platform that applies to electronic commerce teaching. Electronic commerce teaching resource platform system includes hardware system structure and software system structure. It is an open approach based on B/S mode that provides each faculty with local and remote teaching resources via Intranet/Internet and booming cloud technology. It establishes inner- and inter-scholastic supporting teaching resource library to meet the demands in teaching practices, and includes functions such as theory teaching, practice teaching, skill practice, entrepreneurial internship, teaching resource service, laboratory management, teaching management, teacher-student interaction and etc. The paper combines the comprehensive teaching resource platform construction practices of modern business and logistics in Beijing Youth Politics College, and puts forward opinions on and solutions to construction scheme of electronic commerce laboratory and teaching resource system in colleges and universities, including construction purpose, system structure, network laboratory composition, teaching function, function of teaching resource library contents and other aspects. Besides, it proposes the basic solutions to experimental teaching platform, teaching management platform, practice and entrepreneurial platform and teaching resource library construction.