This study aimed at investigating the author productivity of performance management related to literature in SSCI database within the year of 1976 to 2011 in order to explore the development of this management . The samples from SSCI database include 922 articles for carry out analysis. Furthermore, this study performed the calculation and verification with the author productivity distribution by Lotka’s Law, Price's Square Root Law and 80/20 law separately. We believe our research findings will be referred to industries, government and academia for reference. The results of this study are summarized as follows: 1. The literature of productivity in performance management has begun to show negative growth from 1976 to 2011; 2. Performance management related researches and publications are dominated by United States and United Kingdom; 3. English is the language prevailing in the literature of performance management ; 4. The major type of disciplines in performance management domain is business economy; 5. The value of n parameter and c parameter were -3.7232, 0.8963 respectively in Lotka’s Law. Plus, this study also proved that Lotka's law applies to the explaination of the developing trend of literature in performance management by Kolmogorov - Smirnov Test; 6. Further, our research has found thatAuthor productivity could not be explained by Price's Square Root Law or 80/20 Law.