Nations widely acknowledge the potential of education in shaping both the individual and society. There is a constant effort to develop a model to understand students’ journeys which includes understanding what they go through during the whole process of education. This study creates a basic model to understand students’ experiences before, during and after study periods of formal education at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Muscat. An interactive discussion in the form of a semi-structured interview with final-year students was conducted to collect in-depth information related to the six phases of a student’s journey. It concludes with an examination of six moments of truth, each of which is defined and explained using various touchpoints. The sample was students in training who had completed all courses before receiving their Bachelor’s degree (N=156) across the Business Studies, Engineering and Applied Sciences departments, including on-the-job training students pursuing. The semi-structured interview method was used as the method of data collection. The objective of this paper was to assess the application of the concept of customer journey mapping to design a methodology to map students’ journeys from their points of view and develop a system that delivers a better experience for students. The user-centred design (UCD) was used for summarising the outcome of students’ responses. The analysis is an effort to highlight the touchpoints which need to be taken improved on and also the touchpoints which are well appreciated by the students.