Even if there is a common agreement on the general benefits of Blockchain Technology, it is less obvious when the usage of this technology is valuable; i.e. when a Blockchain Technology fit is given for a certain scenario. To assess whether a Blockchain is suitable, various descriptions and frameworks already exist. Nevertheless, decisions when to implement Blockchain Technology are still hype-driven and based on known use cases instead of such frameworks. This study provides a state-of-the-art analysis of papers that offer assessments for a Blockchain Technology suitability. By drawing conclusions on five research problems in this field, a research agenda is derived and guidelines for a BCT framework are suggested. Accordingly, a framework should clearly state (a) the organisational level, (b) what to assess, and (c) how to assess it. Furthermore, a framework should be (d) case independent, and would offer value if (e) patterns are outlined to assess a BCT fit more easily.