Crowdfunding is an alternative financing for funding innovative businesses. Research shows that reward-based crowdfunding (RBCF) is increasingly pivotal for raising project capital, given the current Covid-19 climate where conventional funding is scarce. The project blurbs are essential to attract funds. However, little has been done in studying the project blurb and how it impacts the campaign’s outcomes. Therefore, this paper aims to explore unique words for creating persuasive and effective blurbs that increase RBCF project success by studying their sentiments. This research collects Kickstarter data from June 2019 to June 2020. Descriptive, sentiment and word analyses are incorporated. This triangulation contributes to a practical guideline in creating effective project blurbs. The descriptive analysis offers contexts such as length and time. Sentiment analysis informs positive sentiments spread across successful and failed projects, requiring word analysis to determine the unique words used in writing persuasive and effective blurb to increase project success.