Absorptive Capacity (ACAP) is the ability of a firm to integrate, transform, and apply valuable knowledge required for business success. ACAP is proposed to play a significant role in enriching the process of knowledge creation embraced inside contemporary organizational Information Systems (IS) environments. Many misperceptions surround how ACAP can be measured and understood as an organizational construct. The aim of this research is to decrease such misperception by providing qualitative measures for ACAP dimensions extracted using data from (22) semi-structured interviews conducted with senior managers working in two telecommunication companies, and analysed following Grounded Theory Methodology (GTM) coding techniques. Drawing on our analysis, we propose a relational model that includes measures that can be commonly used in the literature, and treated as guides to IS researchers and senior managers in exploring the rich facets of ACAP. The extracted measures are proposed to offer foundations for shaping where and how further potential organizational assets can be leveraged.