Organisations in the last decade are faced with the challenges posed by modern technology, changes in consumer behaviour and the emergence of new enterprises, whose operations are entirely based on innovative business models and the digital business. Digitization itself is the concept, which often occurs during the strategic plans of the organizations. Although public administration does generally not fall within the areas of high competition, the external environment is also forcing it into changes. These changes may be seen through the renewed portal of public administration, an increasing emphasis on digitization of the services, connecting e-Government towards the people etc. However, it is often forgotten that digitization is not based merely on technology itself, but it should include also organizational aspect and business process management as well. The purpose of this research in progress is to present the concepts behind e-Government and to demonstrate the extent to which digitization of public services is following objectives such as reducing costs, shortening business cycles and improving the quality of service. The paper will through the eyes of the end user highlight the shortcomings of the public administration digitalization and indicate possibilities for future development.