With the advent of technologies, library services in higher education face pressure to increase their level of digitalisation in order to meet changing user demands. While many researchers aim to understand what digitalisation means to library services from the user perspective, there is little attention paid to the employees of library services. Since employees are one of the key driving forces of digitalisation, there is a need to understand their attitudes towards digitalisation. This paper aims to explore employee attitudes towards digitalisation of library services via a case study with data collected from participant observation, focus groups and interviews. The finding suggests that the employee understanding of digitalisation is rather limited, which might have a negative impact on the benefit realisation of digitalisation. Furthermore, there are polarised views on factors of utilisation of digital applications between senior management and operational staff. Such polarised views could also have an impact on the actual use of digital applications. This exploratory study provides valuable insights into digitalisation of library services from employee perspective, which could serve as the foundation for further research.