Local tourism Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) present a special form of organisation, set up by local businesses as collaborative ventures to promote their locality. One critical aspect of this is the creation and maintenance of an online presence, which involves different actors (e.g. customers, intermediaries, potential members, founder members, local technical expertise). This creates the conceptual challenge of how to explain this process of the co-development of both the organisation and the online presence. The metaphor of ‘tailoring’ is presented as an analytical device, which, when unpacked, enables a rich appreciation of the complexity of this co-creation process. This study is empirically grounded in six case-studies of Scottish local DMOs, generated using a variety of sources, including interviews, online documents and media reports. It is concluded that use of the ‘tailoring’ metaphor, which need not be confined to local DMOs, usefully reveals the crafting nature of this co-creation process.