This paper summarises research in progress on developing an evidence based approach in information systems (EBIS). EBIS offers a solution to information systems failures. Openness lies at the heart of EBIS, with open-access publishing and a culture of openness to new ways of working between IS academics and practitioners in the production of the evidence base. The authors have published an EBIS agenda and are developing a roadmap to implement this agenda. Their research activities are aimed at contributing to this roadmap and comprise: (i) setting up the open-access, peer-reviewed ‘Evidence Based Information Systems Journal’ which provides a vehicle to explore open access publishing and a research impact case study; (ii) creating an EBP culture, through establishing research networks; (iii) investigating IS practitioners’ use of resources; (iv) developing a model-driven approach for the analysis and synthesis of qualitative research within systematic literature reviews (SLRs) and using this to conduct an SLR on telehealthcare innovations. The ‘Evidence Based Information Systems journal’ lies at the heart of this research, providing the evidence repository with clear findings to take away and use, a forum to discuss and reflect on the evidence, and thus contributing to creating the paradigm shift to EBIS.