There is substantial research in the area of diffusion of innovation theory (DoI), and its application to information systems and information technology (IS/IT) innovation within organisations. However, scholars in recognition of the conceptual limitations of DoI, have called for the incorporation of certain aspects of social network theory (SNT) into DoI framework. In developing countries, one such justification for this theoretical stance is the fact that information communication channels through which technology innovation is diffused have been shown to substantially influence the rate of technology adoption. In this study, the author focuses on exploring how diffusion of innovation (DoI) theory underpinned by social elements can be used to develop and enable the effective diffusion of innovation among small scale agribusinesses in Nigeria. Data was obtained primarily through qualitative research (semi-structured interviews, document analysis and field notes/observation). Data analysis and coding was conducted using template analysis (Atlas.ti). The findings of the research suggest that an understanding of the conceptual basis of innovation is a major driver of successful innovation adoption.