This paper presents an analytic review of literature on the role of key individuals linked to the success of IS initiatives; namely, project champions. We follow a systematic literature review approach and select papers for inclusion and then exclusion drawn from the two domains of relevance: information systems and innovation studies. Inductive categorisation using human and software-enabled insights identifies seven core themes through which we can conceptualise and understand IS innovation champions: origins, competencies/identities, roles/activities, relationships/influence, resource identification/mobilisation, impact on projects/organisations, and support. We summarise what is known to date from the literature for each of these themes but – reflecting the rather formative nature of the field – we identify for each theme a set of directions intended to guide future research on IS innovation champions. We conclude with a summary characterisation of these champions from the literature which constructs them in terms of 3Rs: results, relationships and resources. These, in part, are then used to produce a condensed list of key future research priorities. Our ultimate aim is to stimulate greater understanding of, and interest in IS champions among researchers and practitioners, providing the former with a research agenda to take forward.