This study aims to explore the role of broader contextual aspects in the exercise of human agency in appropriation of a newly implemented enterprise information system (EIS). In doing so, a relational perspective of agency is proposed. A relational perspective emphasises the relationship between actors and their environment, and views actors in multiple socio-temporal contexts. The use of temporal theory is augmented with attention to technology features as possible influences on agency. The research potential contribution is three-fold. First, by employing multiple levels of analysis, the research is expected to generate insights on how structures at different levels interact in their influence on situated action. Secondly, by considering specific features of EIS, it could be possible to comment on the degree to which a technology's functionalities may influence agency. Finally, by examining technology in context, this research is well positioned to offer practical insights on IT-enabled organizational change programmes. This short paper is part of an ongoing doctoral research currently at the stage of data analysis.