Several studies have been done in the last decades to align business and IS personnel and to present how IS can increase business value. Nevertheless, many of them were not successful and the business-IS gap is still present in many companies causing several failed IS implementation projects. Consequently, IS department is often considered merely as a cost and not as an enabler of business value. However, researchers were focusing mostly on the business value of IS and regardless of the effort the same problems that were existing a decade ago are still present in the business-IS relationship. Therefore, there is a strong a need to improve the importance of IS by presenting the value of IS from a different perspective. By the advent of social networks new opportunities are emerging for researchers and organizations to recognize the new value of IS. The purpose of this research is thus to present IS as an enabler and constructor of a better future and not emphasizing merely the business value of IS. Approximately 400 undergraduate students will be invited to participate in the research enabling to present the value of IS in a way that helps people to live better.