This paper explores the emergence and implementation of Open Government Data (OGD) as a part of e-government systems in the public organization. OGD has become a new approach and phenomenon among the developed countries to increase the citizen’s trust and confident to the government. Several studies have shown the importance of implementation of open data systems by the public organization and the potentials of open government data systems for better management. Grounded theory approach is used to build a theory by using semi-structured interview, 5 interviews in the UK as a pilot study with 4 interviewees from the local governments and 1 interviewee from the large national organization in London. We found that OGD could optimise the performance of government’s administration by using potential opportunities that OGD presents to them despite of challenges like data sharing, standardization in OGD, government responsibility and public awareness. We envisage that as OGD evolves over time, participation and responses from public organization especially from large organization would represent the practice of OGD as a whole. This could positively contribute to the transparency and openness of the government and consequently increase the confident level and trust of the people.