This study aims at presenting an investigation on the role of innovation attributes in significantly influencing consumers’ behavioural intentions and actual adoption of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s mobile ticketing application. Both, the adopters and non-adopters of this technology were targeted to attain the suitable data for empirically testing the proposed model for this study. A series of tests were performed using the SPSS analysis tool. These findings suggested that relative advantage, compatibility, trialability, and observability considerably influenced consumers’ use intentions. The Findings also helped reveal that affordable cost and low risk associations to this technology significantly favoured the adoption intentions, and in turn, the actual adoption of this application. With no earlier publications on this technology yet, this study offers the researchers an insight into the behaviour of different attributes that considerably impact its overall adoption. The tests bring to light its low adoption rate and the lack awareness of its positives amongst its potential consumers, indicating the increased need for its effective promotion to attract more consumers.