The article comes to the conclusion that brands can benefit from having a presence in Facebook and other Social Network Sites (SNS) if the objectives and the nature of the brand suit the environment. This study identifies the relations between tribalism and tribal marketing by analysing consumer behaviour and the formation of the tribes within a facebook and blog environment. Studying one nationwide Restaurant Chain and three Hotel Chains, the study also comes to the conclusion that to succeed in marketing efforts in the Social Network sites, certain main issues should be considered. In this new media, brands should follow the rules of social interactions and be transparent in creating positive impression. It is also vital that marketers understand the community and be relevant and also enable sharing of content and allow engagement. A company’s involvement in virtual communities can also result in a wider range of strategic and operational benefits. By inviting feedback, or simply observing conversations, a company can learn about customers’ needs and inform its new product development policy. In the language of “service dominant logic”, a company can involve members of the tribe in the co-creation of value through the generation of ideas. Brands should also take into consideration the difficulty of measurement, and the possible consequences of being absent from this media.