eWOM is a growing discipline of investigation, concording principles andmethodologies from international marketing, to virtual consumer behaviour, computational sciences and to text mining, to mention a few. As it permeates a feel and diversity vis a vis its traditional counterpart that of WOM. Management practices and information technologies to handle knowledge of retail (in particular eRetail) organizations may prove to be complex. As such knowledge (with its explicit and tacit constituents) is assumed to be one of the main variables whilst a distinguishing factor of such organizations; amidst those specialist in nature, to survive within a marketplace. Their main asset is the knowledge of certain highly imaginative individuals that appear to share a common vision for the continuity of the organization. Systematic (corpus-based) studies – through analysis of specialist text, can support research in specialist knowledge management, the marketing of knowledge and the knowledge of marketing. Since text could be assumed to portray a trace of knowledge. In this paper we are to show how knowledge diffuses in a specific environment, and thus could be modelled by specialist text. That is dealing with the customers’ feedback and corporate communication, and having embedded within the knowledge about the business sector and brands – based on a listing of sectors to be covered and outlined accordingly.