The research intends to investigate into the e-supply chain practices of the Chinese automotive industry. The analysis of the theoretical review has been carried out by using one of the qualitative research techniques, grounded theory, to understand and evaluate all of the relevant influencing factors of the collaboration strategy development. It will begin by looking at how e-business and information technology have influenced supply chain management in the automotive industry in China; what factors have affected the organisations through integrating with the e-supply chain strategy; and what requirements that organisations have to improve the efficiency of the supply chain strategies in order to gain global market advantage. Therefore, the main purpose of this research is to develop a theoretical collaboration framework for helping the Chinese automotive manufacturers to effectively manage their global collaboration supply network. This will further facilitate the integration of information technologies in the supply networks whilst keeping it flexible enough to develop a collaboration strategies framework to formulate the supply chain activities by helping the Chinese auto manufacturers to effectively manage their global supply chain and thus add value to both business and customer.