Gamification, an umbrella term for incorporating game design elements into non-game systems to make them more engaging and productive, is of interest to Information System (IS) communities, because it has wide applications, such as, gamification designs for workplace, learning and health apps, social media, online communities, and the gig economy. As a multidisciplinary research domain, gamification integrates elements of technology, human motivation, task design, human-computer-interface design, and algorithms/AI design, and is a fertile ground for IS researchers with a variety of different background. There are many challenges in conducting gamification research, including how to get started in this highly multidisciplinary domain, how to identify novel issues of practical and theoretical importance, how to navigate gamification design processes and avoid common pitfalls, and how to add theoretical contributions to the literature on gamification science. This panel is designed to bring together a team of experts on gamification research to explore these issues and other related issues from the audience.