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Over-reliance on digital devices like cell phones, tablets, and iPad, has led to an individual using multiple digital devices the majority of the time when he or she is awake. Multiple device usage leads to an unconscious addictive use of a device that culminates in persistent information overload. This addictive use leads to information overload that continues even when the device is not being used or the individual is sleeping. We seek to explore if a digital detoxification app can remove digital addiction and create an impactful and healthy device usage, resulting in impactful device usage. Researchers have talked about the need for digital detoxification or digital cleansing. The popular remedies available include increased physical activities like yoga and meditation. We propose a digital detoxification model that can be used for mandatory service application of a device or the hedonistic use of an entertainment device. This model will allow individuals to use digital devices to the extent that it does not lead to addiction side effects like technostress, anxiety, insomnia, and information overload, thereby reducing digital addiction. This app will prevent an individual from unnecessarily utilizing the device while promoting optimal use, facilitating digital detoxication, and minimizing digital addiction. The digital detoxification apps will be available from all the publicly available app stores and allow the end-users to develop healthy habits and then detoxify from excessive use of the device. These apps will activate and prevent the end-user from excessively using the device. The individual will identify the safe usage time of the device. The app will activate features like airplane mode to ensure that excessive device usage is prevented and does not lead to digital toxification.