The optimization of security operations in larger organizations has often centered around discussions of the relative degree of convergence of the physical security functions and the cybersecurity functions. In a collaborative effort with an academic group and a security advisory group, it was determined to explore the factors to be considered when larger organizations make decisions about the placement, governance and operational strategies are evaluated and proposed for update or revision. A broad multipart project has been conceived to explore this topic. This initial study will quantify some of the precursors that influence optimization outcomes in security function convergence, present these criteria as a survey, and take a snapshot of these criteria in the practice setting. A subsequent study will use individuals who have responded to the survey to identify those from organizations that exhibit characteristics from many difference degrees of convergence and optimization. Those individuals will be interviewed to develop additional understanding of the complexities of security convergence and optimization. The planned stream of research will seek to document ways to measure security optimization and how to make such measurements.