The Vision of the Internet of Military Things (IoMT)

Rob Witty, Cranfield University


The integration of heterogeneous systems differentiated in constraints, technologies and communication paradigms is a key challenge for both the 21st century civilian and military organizations. The internet of things (IoT) idea was introduced mainly to provide a response to this challenge in the civilian world. However, this idea does not fit the military requirements, especially the tactical level characterized by ad hoc architectures. In this paper we are introducing a vision of an internet of military things (IoMT). The basic idea of this vision is the pervasive presence of military things that will allow information superiority in the future battle-space environment such as distributed military sensor and actuator networks, RFID systems and so on. The main contribution of this paper is 1) the proposition of the IoMT vision and architecture, 2) the identification of challenges and success factors of such an idea over the military infrastructure constrained in many areas such as communication, computing and power supply.